Precious Metals & Millennials

After years in this business, we’ve noticed that most of our clients are over 50.  As a matter of fact, it’s rare that we speak to someone in their 20s.  Maybe we’re out of touch.  Maybe not. 

         We can’t help but wonder the memory-effect on the current generation.  With an attention span of near 10 seconds, who cares about what happened to our grandparents?  That’s old people problems.  Sadly, we surmise a deep, deep ignorance that is extremely dangerous.  But we’ll come back to that.  There are other problems afoot.

         First, millennials are poorer than their parents and grandparents.  Their generational lack of memory (due to everything from poor schooling to modern individualism and constant screen use) keeps them ignorant.  Their grandparents didn’t both have to work full time to survive.  Nor did their great grandparents. 

         The banking rulers in this country have so slowly impoverished us through dollar debasement that few understand.  None of the younger generation has actually seen it take place.  The theft of America has been the poster child of Gramsci’s “long, slow march through the institutions” philosophy.  Just as we are all socialists now and don’t know it, we’re all dirt poor now – compared to our grandparents – but think we’re on top of the world.  The fact is that millennials must scramble to make ends meet more than any American generation before them. 

What’s more, everything around them is so debased – from the quality of the clothes they wear to the gas running their vehicles – that “disposable economy” has reached a level almost unthinkable 30 years ago.  That’s why we write today.  The youngest generations desperately need our help.  Those in their early 20s and 30s – and their children – will reap the whirlwind of America’s wicked monetary, military and economic policies set in place years before their birth.  And they’ll never know why!

Such ignorance will lead to dangerously false choices – choices clawing for safety – often in the wrong places.  They’ll look to the government, giving up ever more of their freedoms for promises of protection, insurance, money.  You and I both know this isn’t a prediction of the future, but, merely a simple description of modern events.

What can be done? 

We must teach them. 

You must pass memory and knowledge to your children and grandchildren.  A lot of them won’t listen, but some will.  Leaving them gold and silver does them no good unless they understand why you’ve accumulated it.  Moreover, they need to know why they need to accumulate at least some. They need to know that our economy is teetering, that there once was a time of honest measures and the value of real things.  They need to know what you do.  Tell them.  Tell them in words and, if they won’t listen, write it down or make a video.  They’ll read or watch it one day – eventually.  People listen when they’re grieving.  No one’s words are as precious to those living as those of the ones they just lost.  Tell them things that will protect them and how they can protect themselves. 

Tell them you love them and tell them about gold and silver.

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