About Us

Volunteer Precious Metals is the fruit of two generations of family work in the precious metals industry. We are Justin and Christian Sanders and we offer you our 27 years of combined experience backed by the only two things anyone can offer retail customers - integrity and knowledge.


  • Our fees are up front, never hidden (click here for our commission rates).  The price we quote you is a final, delivered price. The only added cost may be shipping, which never exceeds $35.
  • We shatter the jargon of the precious metals industry, painstakingly educating our customers, equipping them to make decisions that benefit them – not a salesperson.  
  • We operate on trust –  trust that’s played out in action in our lives.  A handshake and someone’s word used to be enough.  For us, it still is.
  • We are here to help you make sound decisions about precious metals – whether you buy from us or not – give us a call with your questions.  We can help.


We rely directly on the consultation of our mentor – Franklin Sanders (The Moneychanger).  He taught us everything we know about Precious Metals and his is the face you’ll see on our introductory video series.

We guarantee a completely secure transaction - every time.