Monthly Acquisition Plan (M.A.P)​

Please read carefully. If you don’t understand anything, just ask.

How it Works

  • We email you a reminder each month.

    - If you want to invest, fill out the reminder and mail it to us, with a check for whatever amount you want to invest.
    - Your payment must reach us by the 15th of the month.
    - If we don’t receive a payment from you by the 15th, we will assume you don’t want to participate that month.
    - If your payment reaches us after the 15th, we will hold your order til the next month’s MAP purchase.

  • If you send a payment, we will enter your order at the closing market price on the 15th. We pool all of the M.A.P. orders so that you receive the commission rate of a $10,000 order.

  • We will ship your coins by registered mail within 3 weeks from the day we enter the MAP order. We will deduct postage from the amount you sent us.

How to fill out your reminder/enter your MAP order: ​

  • You determine the amount you want to invest (if anything).

    - If you order, the minimum investment is $300. There is no maximum.
    - Please keep your order(s) in steps of $50, e.g., $350, $400, $450, etc.
    - You may increase, decrease or discontinue your monthly investment at any time.

  • You can specify an investment in gold, silver or both.

    1. GOLD - We choose the least expensive gold coins available and put the balance into US 90% silver coins.
    - We cannot carry balances over from month to month.
    - We cannot accept requests for specific gold coins.
    2. SILVER - We will choose US 90% silver coins, unless you request silver rounds.
    3. BOTH - We’ll split the amount you send and put approximately half in gold coins and half in 90% silver coins.
    - Please do not specify the percentage of split.
    4. OR…If you send a reminder with no metal selected or mail your check without a reminder, we will select the metal for you that is the best buy at the time.

How to Pay

  • Unless you are a previous customer, for the first three months, we require payment by U.S. Postal Service money order.

  • After three months, you may pay by personal check. If your personal check is returned for insufficient funds, we must cancel your membership.

  • We also accept payment by ACH (Bill Pay or automatic check). If you send electronic payment you must notify us. An email is fine, just let us know how much you’ll send, how often, and what you’d like for your investment.

Very Important Tidbits... ​​

  1. When you join the M.A.P. program and order from us, you will send money to us and we will actually ship gold and silver coins to you each time you order. Sorry, we can’t hold any orders or store coins.
  2. By joining the M.A.P., you do not obligate yourself to buy anything from us, ever.  When you send in the form with the $12.00 yearly fee, you merely obligate yourself to receive an email reminder from us each month.
  3. We guarantee the authenticity and safe delivery of every coin we sell.
  4. We reserve the right to cancel or change this program at any time on thirty days’ notice.
  5. Currently we do not ship or deliver in the state of Tennessee.
  6. The yearly membership fee is $12.00. If your membership has expired and you enter an order, we will subtract the yearly fee from that order.
  7. If you have some special need or request, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


Joining is simple…

Just download the MAP agreement form, fill it out, and send it to us with $12.00.

Have more questions? Give us a ring.