Pay Careful Attention

The internet is chocked full of low, low prices, prominently flashing.  Unfortunately, these are prices regular folks like us never actually get.  No, you’ve got to spend upwards of $25,000 to begin touching the highly visible prices on most websites.

It’s All About Quantity

If you’re going to shop around, make sure:
1. The price you’re quoted is for the quantity you’re going to buy.
2. You know if commission is already included.
3. You find out if there are any other fees.
4. You find out if there are any other fees - again

It Can Be Simple

In 1980 our Dad started selling gold and silver 3.5% above where he could buy it, regardless of quantity.  We still do the same whether you order over the phone or through our MAP.

  • We ask our supplier what they’ll charge us for a coin and add 3.5%.
  • That’s the price we charge – and that’s all.
  • The only thing we’ll add is a maximum of $35 shipping.

We’re Not Super Computers

Mortals like you and us  rarely get to buy and sell at gold and silver spot prices. We pay above spot prices when we buy and sell below spot prices when we sell.

You Must Understand

The way pricing works…

We do not charge you 3.5% over the price of gold.

We charge 3.5% over wholesale.  Wholesale mark-up over the price of gold or silver varies from coin to coin.  You will hear us recommend coins with the lowest total mark-up.

• We charge 3.5% over wholesale for all cumulative business you (and your family) do with us under $25,000.

• 3% for all cumulative business between $25k and $75k

• 2.5% between $75k and $150k, cumulative

• 2% between $150k and $300k, cumulative

• 1.5% between cumulative business of $300k to $1m.

• 1% for cumulative business over $1m.


As far as we know, we are the only organization in the precious metals industry that regularly shows customers full wholesale prices.  You can receive these through an exclusive email service.  Just ask when you call.

We make these available to you so that you can spot a scam before you fall for one.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true…

What’s the Difference?

  • The difference between where you buy and where you sell is going to range between 7 and 10 percent.
  • Transaction costs for physical precious metals are higher than those of stocks and bonds.
  • So you’ve got to wait for an upward market movement of 7-10% before breaking even.

Avoid the numismatics trap