How To Buy​

All you do is

  • Call

    Because markets move constantly we need to speak on the phone so that we can lock in a price. This way you know exactly what you’re paying.

  • Price

    The price we quote is what you pay. There are no hidden fees. The only thing we’ll add is shipping and that never exceeds $35.00.

  • Purchase

    When you're ready to purchase we lock in the price we quoted, making a verbal contract. Shortly, we give you our word to sell and you give us your word you'll buy at the agreed-upon price regardless of what later happens in the market. We confirm our contract with an email from which you pay us. You can pay by personal check, bank wire or ACH.

  • Shipping

    We understand your safety depends on our discretion. From packing to insurance, we take careful steps to insure your package is inconspicuous and arrives intact. If you pay with a check, you’ll receive your order 3 weeks from the day you enter it. If you pay by wire or ACH, it’ll take 2 weeks.

When you purchase from us we guarantee

To Recap, to purchase precious metals, you will

  1. Call for pricing
  2. Enter an order
  3. Receive an invoice
  4. Send payment (We’ll email you when your payment arrives and again when your order ships – with a tracking number)
  5. Receive items

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