Physical Precious Metals in an IRA or 401k

Do you want a custodian to hold your metals or would you like to hold them yourself? Continue reading for directions on both options.

1. If you have an IRA, a custodian must store your metals in a depository.  If that’s what you’re after, open an account with a custodian like New Direction Trust Company. Then…

  • Fund the account

  • When you’re ready, enter an order, purchasing precious metals from a company like us

  • Fill out a Buy Direction letter with New Direction with the details of our transaction

  • They pay us

  • We ship your metals to the depository of your choice

  • When you want to sell, the process is almost exactly the same, except the depository first ships the coins to us, then we pay your custodian who will deposit the funds into your IRA account

What does an IRA cost? Click Here to find out.

2. If you’d like to store the metals yourself, as long as you don’t have a Roth IRA and you have some self-employed income, you can roll your traditional IRA over into a Solo 401k.  This allows you to act as custodian and manage storage yourself.  Ross Powell at Survival401k can help you accomplish this with zero headaches.

What about a 401k?

If you want a custodian company to manage and store your precious metals, you can execute a ‘rollover’ with your 401k, transferring it to an IRA.  New Direction Trust Company can help.  Here’s a link to all the information you’ll need. 


As long as you have some self-employed income, you can keep your 401k and manage it yourself, act as custodian and hold the metals.  We are told there’s more freedom in a self-managed 401k than there is in an IRA.  We’re not the experts, though.  Again, we recommend Ross Powell at survival401k.

Why New Direction & Survival401k?

We have worked with numerous custodians over the years and found New Direction Trust Company to be easy to work with.  They are both trustworthy and flexible.  

Ross Powell at survival401k offers an excellent service for folks who want to hold their own metals. 

We do not receive payment for recommending the folks above and do so based on our good experience only.

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