Gold and Silver

Metals and Manipulation

Hard-working folks have been shouting “foul” for years.  If you haven’t heard them, here’s the short story – gold and

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Premiums & Cipherin’

My wife and I put our marriage through the acid test nine years ago:  we ...
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JP Morgan is in Trouble – But Why?

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve read our post about JP Morgan’s gubmint trouble ...
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The Hidden Threat of Centralization – NotPetya & You

What do you really need to know about computers?  The British Show, “The IT Crowd,” ...
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Centralization and You

Ten or twelve years ago I took a trip to Virginia with my brothers.  There ...
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90% Silver Coin – What You Need to Know

Until 1965, United States quarters, dimes and half dollars contained 90% silver and 10% copper.  ...
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Your Bank Ain’t Safe

Maybe we’re all factory workers now.  Remember the “information super-highway”?  Our lives are even colder, ...
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Bartering…With Gold & Silver?

Many folks purchase precious metals as a hedge – as financial insurance.  And that’s no ...
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The Dollar is Dying

As we’ve mentioned before, the key to the United States’ imperial power for nearly a ...
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$3 Trillion Ain’t Nothin’

Strange events are unfolding, y’all.  Over the past two months – since just September – ...
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